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It’s very difficult to set yourself apart from the pack in today’s marketplace. Luckily, there are many things you can do to increase the odds of catching the attention and desire of gatekeepers, agents, and labels. Let us help you maximize your chances by working with you to deliver the top caliber services and products you deserve!


J. Mitchell has 5 years of previous professional experience as both a mortgage processor and mortgage loan originator. This means that you have someone on your side who has seen first hand hundreds of tax returns and knows how to take your hobby to a career as fast as possible. We will work with you to tighten down the nuts and bolts and gain a solid understanding of your budget, both personally and for your business. We start with personal and then develop the business aspect so that it can directly support your lifestyle, within your means of course! Additionally, we have an in-house financial analyst that can review your historical data and identify trends, opportunities for growth and profitability, assist with budgeting, forecasting, as well as long-term planning processes. We can get you on your way to saving money, making money, and investing in your career to get the most bang for your buck! 


This is where everybody seems to get themselves into trouble. DON’T BE THAT PERSON OR PEOPLE! Take the time and exercise diligence before you enter any legal agreements. Remember, the name of the game is ownership, rights, and control!
We love being advocating on behalf of our clients and customers, and we strive to put you in the best position at ALL times. Let us help you ensure you get the deals you worked so hard to get, and reap the benefits of your labors! Call today.


If you are able to document your dreams, plans, and vision and also can prove your efforts you are well on your way to looking like a realistic candidate for management. Many apply, but the chosen are few! Think you have what it takes? Please get in touch to get started now.


You’ve spent countless hours, sleepless nights, tons of effort, and working jobs you hate to be able to record your songs! This is one of the most important elements, so why would you take your baby to anyone other than a professional!? Oh, right, it’s expensive! Well, take comfort in knowing you’ve come to the right place. J. Mitchell maintains relationships with professional audio engineers, producers, studios, and songwriters that can all help you get that hit you’ve been sitting on radio ready! Let me take the frustration out of it and put it in the hands of a pro who is able to help! 


You will work one-on-one or in group brainstorms with our specialist with nearly a decade of experience and has worked with some of todays biggest names! She is available to help you create strategic PR plans, develop press materials, media outreach, media training, as well as monitor and report results, progress, and updates in real time. Why spend hundreds or thousands with a big agency when you can get direct advice, quality results, support, and custom strategies for the same money!? We want to see you win. Let us know how we can help today!